The club, formerly known as Melton Mowbray Old Tyme and Modern Sequence Dance Club, began about 50 years ago at the old Gloucester House on Wilton Road moving to the new Gloucester House in the late 1970’s. It has seen many changes during those years and at the AGM in February 2014 a completely new committee was elected. It was decided to re-name the club:

Melton Mowbray Modern Sequence Dancing Club (M.M.M.S.D.C.)

with the emphasis on “Modern” to show that we are moving forward and giving members the opportunity to learn the latest dances.

In the early days not many new dances were taught – usually one per month - but everyone enjoyed the weekly meetings and the social life which evolved. Around 2008 the teaching was taken over by Linda and Peter Haywood who are qualified dance teachers and the number of dances taught was increased significantly. At the end of 2013, due to numerous other commitments, Linda and Peter were no longer able to carry on teaching at the club although they continue to be members and attend as often as possible. At this time Sandra Brewster agreed to take over the teaching and currently teaches most of the new dances.


Note ...According to a 21 year study of senior citizens in America, 75 years and older, dancing keeps us mentally active too.
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